wrap up warm for santa...


Is it just me?

It seems 'Christmas Jumpers' are everywhere this year.

I mean everywhere you turn. Online, in shops, in magazines. Everywhere!

I can't say that I'm a fan, unlike my brother who happily used to wear a Santa t-shirt all year round. There used to be something slightly surreal seeing Santa sauntering towards you on a t-shirt in July sunshine. But hey ho, Oor David is a sartorial law unto himself.

In fact as I type this, I realise my whole family are a little like that. Hmmmm

However if I was inclined to wear one, I would be be as happy as a clam in this sequin one from Top Shop.

You could wrap yourself up like a little Christmas parcel, it is super sweet.

 KNITTED SEQUIN PRESENT JUMPER  Price: £50.00 from Top Shop

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But if you were being really true to the spirit of the season then I think you have to go for a truly tacky number.

Lets be honest the entire Christmas season is an excuse for all things over the top and tacky and festive jumpers are right up there at the top of the pile!

This year,I laughed most at the selection over at New Look. If you want to masquerade as Mrs Clause or even just be a little elven helper for Santa, then these hideous numbers will do the job without breaking the bank

Red Santa Outfit Christmas Sweater £14.99 from New Look





Or you could even be a little elf...



287726830D1My eyes hurt so much now, I had better pop over to LNCC to soothe them.

Queen Marie