boys love beer...

Nothing like a sweeping generalisation to start the week.

As the days slip away, it strikes me once again how difficult it is to buy cool gifts for boys.

It might just be me, but I've found that as a rule ,anything wonderful, tends to come with a similarly wonderfully large price tag to go along with it.

Maybe why that's why I'm so smitten with this offering. This complete collection of 6 letterpress coasters with display stand by Nathan Mummert makes a great gift for the design and type geeks, artisanal or craft beer enthusiast or even just a messy boy who drinks beer and leaves marks on your precious furniture!

The word 'artisan' always makes us smile in the studio. Mainly because we have an 'artisan bakery' in our little town that sells  delicious but  insanely expensive baked goods ( it goes without saying that now I need one of their pineapple cakes, dammit)

 But I digress, back to the beer - Each of the beautifully designed and eco-friendly coasters feature quotes from beer drinkers Jack Nicholson, Bart Simpson, Ben Franklin, W.C. Fields, Jim Morrison and Frank Sinatra. 

Price for the decorative and functional set and stand is $34.99

Buy them here

Beer press 7 IIHIH Beer press 6 IIHIH

The set of six is printed on a glorious 1960's letterpress.

Even just looking at this picture I can here that distinct noise that a letterpess makes.

Oh how I love and miss being in a printers. The smell of ink and paper and all the distinctive noises that go with printing.



Letterpress machine

Most men have something they want to say about beer....

Beer press 12 IIHIH

Beer press 3 IIHIH
Beer press 9 IIHIH
Beer press 1 IIHIH
Beer press 10 IIHIH

Of course most of them would rather drink it, than just talk about it.

But maybe that's just the ones I know...


Queen Marie