Jesus saves, I spend...

Oh Lordy, it's only 19 days until Christmas and I have not been as sensible with my money as I might (damm you LIberty x Nike, why could I not stop at one pair!!!)

If I had been using one of these Holy Banks, I might not be in such hot water.

For added kitsch they are in glorious flock.

Jesus saves – we spend! Be holier than thou and deposit pennies and loose change into him while you can.

 Flocked Jesus Bank £10 from Urban Outfitters


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The Ladies can join in the fun too with the Mary bank.

Also £10 from Urban Outfitters


Our Lord and Saviour is equally at home in the kitchen where he like to maifest himself as a pepper grinder and a cookie cutter...

German designed stainless steel cookie cutter.  Buy it here

Picture 1


Let's be honest it would take some serious heavenly intervention to get me interested in cooking. I'm hapy to go into the kitchen to eat the cookies but sadly that's where my interest ends...

I've saved my favourite for last. A great little statue that lets you take a little look in the mirror in our good Lords middle because heaven knows,everybody wants to look good for Jesus!

LIttle Mirror Statue $2.99 from here


Queen Marie