if pigs could fly...

 I  know I've said it endless times but never in a million years will I be able to learn to crochet.

Pigs will fly first.

But Saffron Johns only needed four and that was to learn to crochet with wire!!!!

Saffron creates wonderful work which she sells on her etsy store Other Worlds

A world filled with detailed creatures, moments in time and treasures from the worlds of imagination and dreams. She specializes in wire art of all kinds including original art and sculpture, unusual one of a kind jewelry and crochet wire jewelry which even features semi precious stones.



Saffron moved from the Uk to Bulgaria 4 years ago

She has been using wire for many years but  only learnt to crochet about four years ago and knitted a little before that. She taught herself by watching videos and from crochet books.

She explains her work saying -"crocheting is very enjoyable and I find it very versatile for creating different shapes and for creating a bulky wire fabric. The wires I crochet with have to be quite thin 0.2mm is my favourite up to 0.5mm which is the thickest I can crochet. It is wonderful technique that allows many more possibility's with wire."

How could someone be so patient and creative to work with wire, my mind is honestly boggled!

 Flying pig brooch, $65.00


Unicorn rainbow double brooch  $98.00 


Rabbit flying kite double ring, two finger ring, $86.00

Il_fullxfull.425493766_3v11 Surreal but simply darling, a little mouse playing a trumpet.

How could you resist him?

Mouse playing a trumpet double brooch with music notes  $65.00

Il_fullxfull.500430545_7icqThen just when I thought her work couldn't be any more intricate, I came across this one.

A one of a kind bracelet ring featuring a bear fishing. This set consists of a fish swimming in water bracelet, a bear with a fishing rod ring and a detachable chain that has a clasp on both ends and fish decorating it. The chain connects the bracelet to the ring so it looks like the bear is fishing but the chain can also be detached from the ring and bracelet so the two pieces can also be worn separately!!!!

Bear fishing bracelet ring, chain bracelet  $175.00

Il_fullxfull.466003398_7vjmI  hope he catches some nice fish for his tea...

Queen Marie