Snoopy Time!

My love affair with Snoopy is lifelong.

Where some kids are obsessed with pop stars, I was obsessed by this little beagle. I could identify so much with the various misfits of the Peanuts gang and loved the aloof coolness of Snoopy himself. I collected everything I could get my hands on that was Snoopy related. Even the head-board on my bed was a huge white fur Snoopy atop his famed red hutch, which was red velvet. It was my most favourite thing on the planet. His ear was detachable and you could put your nighgown inside it! I wrote with Snoopy pencils, I kept myself dry in the rain with a Snoopy umbrella, I slept in a Snoopy nightgown and I drew Snoopy in my schoolbooks. You get the picture.

It's no surprise that I still love this little character. I currently have Snoopy wallpaper on my computer at work and a Snoopy & Woodstock decal on my iPad!

Only a few weeks ago I mentioned to Prince B that I'd like to find something to wear featuring Snoopy again and then, as if by magic, I get an email about the Rodnik Band's Peanuts collection, sold exclusively in Selfridges. I have already ordered the black Snoopy sweatshirt, which should arrive soon, so I'll be sure to share that with you guys soon.

Overall, the whole collection brought a huge smile to face, bringing back unbelievably happy memories for me and might just have kick-started my obsession again....

Rodnik-Peanuts-03-Vogue-21May13-Andrew Farrar_b_592x888 Rodnik-Peanuts-07-Vogue-21May13-Andrew Farrar_b_592x888Rodnik-Peanuts-02-Vogue-21May13-Andrew Farrar_bRodnik-Peanuts-10-Vogue-21May13-Andrew Farrar_b_592x888Rodnik-Peanuts-12-Vogue-21May13-Andrew Farrar_b_592x888Rodnik-Peanuts-14-Vogue-21May13-Andrew Farrar_b_592x888

The actual pop-up shop in Selfridges looks incredible. What I wouldn't give to be there! The 30 piece collection has taken residence in The DenimStudio on the store‚Äôs third floor, and one of the iconic Oxford Street windows will be dedicated to the range.

Seeing these images, I realise there are probably quite a few bits in the collection that might not make it online, but I really hope they do. I need a Snoopy bag too!


I wonder how Prince B would feel if I got us a new Snoopy headboard for our bed....