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GiphyBrand Association is a powerful and mysterious thing.

Even more so than brand awareness  and it generally takes lots of time to build. Time for all the qualities that are associated with your brand to become almost subliminal. But when it does work , there is nothing stronger. Like Pavlov's dog once those nueral pathways are burned they are almost impossible to shut down!

This post was an inspired  by an that popped into The Kingdom inbox which made me feel both relective , inspired yet at the same time older than God!

For people of a certain age , within a certain demographic, show them a striking image of someone winking and instantly they will think of one thing - ID magaazine. 

The magazine was synonymous with creativity and cool.

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Queen Michelle and I have very fond memories of ID. We always had copies of it lying around in the old Redwing studio. In fact knowing me, I porbably still have copies of it somewhere in The Palace along with old copies of The Face.

Last Friday 15th November saw the relaunch of i-D online:  

The new online platform focuses on its video content featuring story-driven original short films, documentary series and episodic content including i-D's fashion alphabets series.

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 To celebrate 33 years of iconic covers (33 years! holy hell) i-D has brought together fashion's hottest models, designers and personalities to create a celebratory 'A-Z of WINK! - a video created exclusively for the newly launched site.

Cara Delevigne, Lara Stone, Natalia Vodianova, Miranda Kerr.....26+ stellar superstars of fashion run down an A-Z of the best cover slogans from 1980 to 2013, all while giving the inimitable i-D wink; the pose struck by every cover star of the magazine and i-D's own cheeky logo.

You can see the video here  Giphy-2

Picture 3

 To put it in perespective, I was reading ID before they had invented the internet.
Pass my zimmer please. I'm away to lie down in a darkened room.
Marie the Ancient Queen