Major Majo

Etsy can be a terrifying place to look for lingerie. You need to sift through an abundance of shops selling cheeseball underwear 'modelled' by fake boobed, fake tanned crazies; shops where a string of diamantes somehow constitutes a pair of knickers. However, it's worth enduring the lo-rent Anne Summers nonsense because hidden among it are some little lingerie gems.

If I'm going to spent money on underwear, outwith the realms of good old Marks & Spencers, then I like it to be strappy, lace and detailed. And usually black. But in all honesty, trying to wrestle myself into my strappy Nichole de Carle knickers of a morning can be too much like hard work, so envariably they get replaced with plain black cotton ones. Not particularly attractive but comfortable and fuss free. Yes, middle age has made me crave fuss free, comfortable underwear.

During one of my Etsy trawls, once my eyes had become adjusted to all the melons on display, I found a pretty little label, Majo Rey Lingerie, that creates prettily modest and fuss free looking underwear but with enough interesting little details to make it still feel special. Florals are given an edge with delightful corset detailing and the comfortable cut of both bras and knickers will ensure you don't regret your underwear choice by mid-morning.

Majo Rey Lingerie hails from Uruguay and been on the go for 6 years ago.

Every piece of lingerie is lovingly handmade. I don't own any floral underwear because wearing it always felt a little too young in a slightly creepy way, but with the corset details I might make an exception.