more panda than bride...

So it was Espookio on Friday night. Much fun was had.

For my Day of the Dead Bride, Grande Empresse Gillian had agreed to help me put my face on. Being an expert with make up she was the perfect choice.

Beforehand I had watched various youtube videos that had all produced delicate and vibrant results. They of course all had  professional products to work with, whereas poor Gillian had a much basic pallette to work with. That was due to the fact that I had just run amock in the party shop and scooped up heaps of childrens face paints. 

She got good coverage but half way through, we both got the giggles and agreed I looked more like a panda than a bride...

(sorry I have no idea why these shots keep turning upside down???)

Panda 1



If you think this looked scary, you should take a look at Jonny.

I could hardly bring myself to look at him. Just count your blessings you can't see his yellow y-fronts.

Picture 2

It might have been easy to put on, but it was beyond hellish to get off.

I loked like a creature from Avatar,only green instead of blue.



 Next year. I think I'll go easier on the facepaint or maybe I'll just go as a panda!!!!

Queen Marie