the most important meal of the day...

On Saturday before we went to visit  with Lady Lisa, Queen Michelle and I were on the hunt for teapots and eggcups.

Another glimpse into our priviledged and rarified existence * cough cough*

It reminded me to share these fun rings with you.

They are from the the wonderfu; Up to You Toronto. There is no way to get to this time of year  and not show some treasures from here. It's virtuallly a Kingdon tradition now...

 Up To You is a shop founded by brother and sister team Bill Doufekas and Dimitra Doufekas and they always have the most interesting and fun things to share...


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We agree, and with these fabulous rings on your fingers you can keep that morning momentum all day long. All food is handmade from polymer clay and mounted on ceramic plates. Available in an egg, full english breakfast, pancake, eclair and danish design.

Price 22 CAD


 After eating that full english, you will be in need of some fresh air and excercise, so what could be more perfect than a trip to the park, to fly this slightly scary black crow kite!

The highflier is sturdily constructed of carbon fiber and rip stop nylon. Put it in your bag, go to the park or climb a hill, lie on your back and watch your troubles soar away with this bird.

Black Crow Kite 75 CAD


As always, I've saved my favourite for last !

When attached to your shirt cuff, dress hem or lapel this brooch allows both the wearer and observer to meditate the value of things. Each brooch is made of of fine gold attached to a red link. Tag size: 1.9 x 2.7cm

40 CAD

Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to heat some pancakes. That ring has put me right in the notion....

Queen Marie