the vampire bunnies...


I've seen a lot of bunnies in my time but I can honestly say I have never come across fanged ones until now.

What perfect timing with halloween just around the corner. These little blood suckers and the other very curious creatures below are the work of  Austin artist Debra Broz

  She uses her skills in china restoration to meld charity shop finds into creatures and chimeras that are both wonderfully strange and a touch disturbing. 


Anyone for an Octoped dachshund, two headed lamb or even an elephant seal???

Debra explains saying -" In the "Oddities" series of ceramic works, I use my training in china restoration to seamlessly recontextualize each found object through addition, subtraction or recombination of pieces and parts. Emulating the hand of the original craftsperson, I transition one part into another. My work is strongly informed by processes like genetic mutation, symbiotic relationships, grafting and DNA manipulation, and reflects my love for black humor, subversion, and anomalies"

You can see more of the series on Debra's website.


Debra found her love for small and odd things while growing up in rural central Missouri. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors from Maryville University - St. Louis in 2003. In 2005, Debra moved to Austin where she currently works as a mixed-media artist. Her artwork has been selected for exhibitions like New Art In Austin: 15 to Watch at Austin Museum of Art and New American Talent 24, among many others. Most recently she was chosen by Oxford American Magazine as one of the β€œ100 New Superstars of Southern Art” and was featured in American Craft Magazine.

I am especially taken by her Masks works which form part of an ongoing series beginning in 2013, which again are made with found and acquired ceramics modified with various materials

I would happily share my home with any of them
Queen Marie