In Honour Of Mr Fox

If you follow me on Twitter, you will see that on Tuesday I had an upsetting experience - I saw a young fox get run over whilst I was at the bus stop waiting to go to work.

A van hit it and ran over it's hips and back legs. It was horrifying. It dragged itself to the pavement and everyone at the bus stop just stood there and stared and did nothing. Got to get to work! Work is much more important than the suffering of a living thing! A woman out jogging stopped and gawped at it for a while, before continuing her run - I hope your ass ends up utterly massive and no matter how much you run you'll never get rid of it! Worse still was the driver of the van, who never even stopped. Slowed down yes, but never took 2 seconds out of his selfish life to stop and help. 

Prince B and I went over to the fox immediately and Prince B phoned the SSPCA. We stayed with the poor thing and I petted it to try and comfort it, as it must have been in so much pain. The SSPCA took such a  long to come that eventually it died, after hanging onto life for nearly an hour. I stroked it's little head as it died. I was angry that it took so long for them to come out as it suffered pain right up until it died. 

It'll probably seem so silly to some that I got so upset about this and I know there will be people thinking "it's just a fox", but it just tore my heart out looking into it's scared little face and I was utterly powerless to help it.  

In honour of that wee fox, I really want to carry a little fox momento around for while, since I can't stop thinking about it. Maybe I could start with these gorgeous felted fox scarves from Celapiu. I like the contented, happy little faces these foxes have.

Celapiu is an independent fashion accessories label, ran by two sisters, Celina and Maja, who specialise in hats, scarves and gloves, all manufactured in their studio in Kraków, Poland.