wish upon a dark star...

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 When you wish upon a Dark Star, I wonder if you have to follow that up with a letter to Bad Santa rather than the regulation Good Santa?

I for one, will happily send letters to both of them, if they could make my Christmas wishes comes true.

 Yes I know it's only the 12th of September and I'm saying the 'C'  word but I'm afraid it's unavoidable. I had to get my letter over to Santa nice and early because once I show you the rest of these stunning pieces I'm sure you will be all be penning plaintive missives to the Big Guy asking for them too!

 Only last week while walking through the Argyle Arcade with my friend Michael, I was struck again by how much I adore rose gold. I followed this up with a visit over to the site of the lovely Georgia Wiseman to see her new work and what do you know, delicious rose gold on her chains. That just sealed the deal for me.

 We adore Georgia here in The KIngdom. In fact in a classic 'brain share' moment we both posted about her wonderful work earlier this year

 Her new 2013/14 collection is breathtaking

Up above is the Black Diamond central pattern Vega bracelet  which costs£200.00

 It's curved face fits round the wrist and is made using a striking formation of Swarovksi Elements.  Mix this in with it's Rose Gold plated chunky box chain and you have the most delicious bracelet ever!

Down below is her new Rose Gold Tri Ring and the Vega V2 necklace.

This is the ultimate rock and roll ring.  Designed to make an impact, it sits open topped across 3 fingers  With it's open band design, one size will fit all and at £150 this is a lot of look for the money

Futuristic and unmissable, Vega V2 is a second version of the original Vega necklace.  Showcasing the triangular shaped Swarovski crystals to maximum effect with the beautiful warm tones of Rose Gold metal and Black Diamond Swarovski Elements.  The chain is a chunky box chain with a large carabiner fastening and looks amazing worn with a simple grey t-shirt or dress it up for maximum impact.


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What piece do you want from Mr Claus?
Queen Marie