Rock n Roll Refreshments...



Many is the post I have written about Marshall amps but never in my life did I imagine Marshall parts being used to create something as cool as this.

Behold I give you the Marshall Fridge!!!!!


Masterfully crafted from authentic Marshall Amp parts and emblazoned with the Father of Loud, Jim Marshall’s seal of approval; it is undoubtedly the perfect addition to studio or man cave. Behind its familiar and lifelike amplifier exterior lies a remarkably roomy refrigerator, complete with adjustable glass shelves and a freezer compartment.

Perfect for keeping your nail varnish or bottles of beer nice and chilly, I would happily have this in my kitchen. I'm willing to bet it would make my morning milk feel a lot more rock and roll.

It costs £399 from Firebox.


And Gentlemen,  what better to keep in there for any ladies that may happen to visit your lair of an evening for a little glass of wine....


Modelled to resemble a classic guitar amplifier featuring their familiar snaggle-toothed logo controversial, the Motorhead Sacrifice Boxed Wine is a fitting homage to their last album featuring the now-deceased guitarist, Würzel (lord rest his rock n' roll soul). The wine is described as having a fruity aroma with notes of blackberry and blackcurrant, vanilla and fine licorice as well as a slightly peppery overtone.  Hmmm...

P6108_extra2_column_grid_12Lemmy tell you (sorry I couldn't resist that), I couldn't make this stuff up...

Queen Marie