Up, up and away...

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 Last week it was bunny lamps, this week glorious balloon lamps!

I love balloons almost more than I love bunnies, so you can imagine how I feel about the  collection of ceiling and wall light fixtures that look just like balloons designed by Slovakian artist Boris Klimek for Brokis

Boris Klimek (born 1984) graduated at Product Design department at AAAD Prague. During his studies he spent in England / Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield /, Slovakia / College of Fine Arts, Bratislava / or in product design studios in Prague led by designers Michal Froněk and Jan Němeček / Olgoj Chorchoj /. Boris has been awarded several awards for his product design. In his work he tries to find a certain conceptual overlap, games, irony and hyperbole

His "Memory" lights are inspired by memories of childhood and are made of opal glass. They come in eight different colors, as a ceiling mount or wall mount, and in a choice of  three sizes. Most wonderful of all, the balloon string is used to switch the lights on and off.

Forever floating, never popping or deflating sadly, these will create a permanent party feeling  in any room. Installed single or in a set 'Memory' gives your room an original touch of playfulness and whimsy...

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 They are not cheap, about €140 eauros each but for all the smiles they would bring every time you switched them on, I'm thinking that it's a price I would be happy to pay! 

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