Unders From Down Under

When I began my ballet journey, I really hoped that the process of dancing would reduce my boob size. I imagined that in no time at all I'd be buying lovely new bras because none of my others fitted me. I imagined being able to buy leotards safe in the knowledge there would minimal jiggling. Alas, several years in and my boobs are still an annoyingly full C Cup. What I wouldn't give to be a nice modest B Cup, but sadly my cups still runneth over.

I'm continually seeking the perfect soft cup bra which gently seperates my breasts so I don't always have to have a cleavage. I've tried so many soft bras by various brands and labels in so many fits, yet still I'm always left with boobs that look like two pups fighting in a bag.

I'm not sure I'd have any more success with this stunning bra and knickers set by Hatsuma's Laundry, an Australian label, but with it's sheer nude fabric and black detailing, it looks like it would be worth a try none the less.

LingerieSet1_Top_FrontThe small but perfectly formed range is very reasonably priced too with luscious high waisted knickers, lace bralettes and sheer fabrics.

Those Australians and New Zealanders sure do know how to create beautiful undergarments. Maybe something to do with being 'down under'?