Guys with fancy lady hair...

 Queen Michelle sent me a link last week to a post that had me laughing so hard, there was tea spluttered all over my poor little iBook.

It was written by Jessica Saia on a San Francisco based site called The Bold Italic.

I confess I had never visted before but after this, I fully intend to, because this photo essay is comedy genius...

Picture 2


"So many men spend years getting their manes all long and for what? To be occasionally bundled into a low ponytail? I'm not sure how ladies got to hoard all of hair's styling potential when men can grow hair out of their faces. 

 In an attempt to change the way we look at man locks, I took eight guys with long hair to Salon Miel to get fancy lady updos. As you can see, the results were baby's breath-taking"



 It's no secret how much I love a boy with long hair but this post and a comment from the lovely Dust last week, have made me realise, that the distinct look I like in a boy, is even more dammed specific, than even I had previously realised. Grrrrrr.

A typical Marie boy is tall, thin with a big nose and long hair but I don't really like hair this long. I like it to be shoulder length and floppy

Now if you will excuse me, I'll  away and take a look at a gratuitous shot of Gary Lightbody just to mke sure...


Queen Marie