Business as usual...

Here we go again. Back in the blogging saddle once again

Thank you for your kind birthday wishes and emails last week, they were very  much appreciated.

So another year older and to perfectly honest, not really any wiser.

As you  can see from the shot below it was business as usual when it came to birthday gifts from my Mother.

Medicated Talcum - check.

Tin of Salmon - check.

Words still fail me...


 But you may be wondering why I positioned  them on a Zalando box?

They say that the best things come in small packages.

What about small packages in huge boxes!

For part of my birthday Our Frances bought me this glorious little N2 Frida Necklace. I love N2 and Les Nerides. The whimsy of their collections might be a little sweet for some tastes but I  totally adore it.

But what struck as both as slightly strange was the size of the box it was delivered in.

It was a hunking great big shoe box with a tiny little necklace rattling about inside.

Oh if only they had filled it full of new necklaces But that would just be greedy.



Queen Michelle will laughing her ass off, that I have finally crossed over to the dark side or should that be the neon side. I have been fighting against it for over almost two years now, but , as she always said I would, I have finally caved...


Even if is just the cord and ribbon of my new necklace.


Queen Marie