The Skates Are High

I adored skating as a kid. I even loved being constantly moved by the police. The highlight was coming up to Glasgow to go to Quarterback, a skate and American Football shop where I bought my 35mm Acid Drop wheels. The shop was run by a man called Andy. Andy was the love of my 13 year old life. He was completely unaware of this of course and knew nothing of the fact I planned our wedding on a monthly basis. Alas, he was 25 and engaged. Thwarted! I find myself though, almost 30 years later and far too old to skateboard, harking after a pair of Celine skate shoes. However, I'm completely torn about the idea of high fashion skate gear, which we've being seeing a lot of in the past few seasons with designer skate shoes and even skate decks.

On one hand, the thought of paying around £400 for a pair of skate shoes is as abhorrant to me - skating is very much anti-fashion, anti-establishment, well it was when I did it, so it seems buying high end versions of skate apparel is ripping out the heart of what skateboarding is/was about. However, the other side of me is wrestling with the fact I would love the Celine shoes. I have no desire to become yet another blogger waxing lyrical about Celine, but oh my the check print silk versions of these are just beautiful. 

I also fell in love with the Kenzo x Vans collaboration when it first came happened. I went to the Vans shop in Glasgow at the time on the off chance they'd have them, but of course they never got them in. The quirky Kenzo prints on these were perfect.

Givenchy have also got in on the game with these scarf print lovelies too. Available from Browns.

House of Holland x Superga are doing some cute tennis shoes with leopard print for only £55. Not quite skate shoes but close. Also available from Browns.

House of holland
Of course, my overriding good sense will stop me from actually buying any designer skate shoes because for that money I could buy a decent coat or pay my gas bill. Still, it's nice to look and allow yourself pointless fashion related conflict every once in a while.

Queen Michelle