If Batman made lampshades...



 Fed up with fighting the powers of darkness, Batman decided to chanel his creativity in another way.

Afte the dark and dismal damp of the batcave, he thought he would start with brightening up interiors.

Sensibly he knew his own limits so he hooked up with the very talented Swedish designer Lukas Dahlen and together they created the Ori, a lampshade so special  that it was exhibited at Fiera Milano RHO, Salone Satellite 2012...



The Ori Pendant Lamp is inspired by origami. In fact, Lukas not only experimented with paper before creating the light fixture, he also watched many origami instruction films to better understand the artform and its application to product design. The result is sculptural, crafty and contemporary.

The Lamp takes on an abstract, geometric shape that features a symmetrical arrangement of folds around its length. Made out of metal, each panel has been cut halfway with photo-etching in order to create creases for folding. Inside, the Ori Pendant Lamp has been coated in gold to shed a warmer glow around the living space it is placed in. It is available in three different colors: white, black and gold. 


Batman of course, always goes for the black option

Me, I think I'll go for the natural...

Queen Marie