embracing the inner hippy...

 The hippy gene runs pretty deep in our family.

Throughout the years, we have all tried at one time or another, to reject our inner hippy but it always wins out in the end.

Which is why, no matter how hard we try to resist them, we can't resist a fragrance that smells of patchouli.

At the moment I am wearing and loving Fille en Aigullies. A fragrance that smells strangely of both the woods and a chapel.

Or as someone said to me in the sub at the weekend - "you smell like a nun in the forest"

How the hell he knew what that smelled like, I have no earthly idea...



 But no matter how much you love a fragrance, a new one always catches your eye and has you wondering "what if"...

That's exactly what happened when I came across this on my beloved LN-CC 

Featuring Patchouli,Styrax,Birch and Vanilla,they describe Patchouli 24 saying- 

"The smoky leathery character of birch takes over the strong patchouli notes.

Vanilla is used to calm these notes, bringing peace, sensuality and softness to these violent animal notes"

Ooh err missus!

 Le Labo Unisex Patchouli 24 Eau De Parfum.


But at £138 for a bottle  it's a pretty big price to pay to satisfy my curiousity. 

When she returns, I shall ask  Queen Michelle to remind me of the sample site she uses and try to buy a little sample of it, before I commit to it and further embrace my inner hippy.


Queen Marie