unfinished business...

As we kick off another week, I think it's only correct to give you fair warning, that things might be a little off balance for a few days

Queen Michelle is on holiday all week and the insane heat has completely melted my brain.

So in the spirit of confusion and the blistering sunshine, I thought we should take a look at something I really don't know if I like or not.

 Miu Miu Raisor eyewear for Spring Summer 2013

Do I love them?

Do I hate them?

I've been looking at them for weeks and weeks now and I honestly can't make up my mind.

 The semi rimless glasses with their dramatic wide winged shape look like the bottom of them is missing

I love the colour blocking and the top line of them but could I acutally wear them without feeling irritated by that illusion of an unfinished frame. I don't know that I could. 

I usually love the playfulness and whimsy of miu miu, but these are maybe a frame too far for me...



But of course, this being The Kingdom, if you come back on Friday, I may have done a total 180 degree turn and decided ,that now I love them more than any other sunglasses in the world.

Hey ho. That's just how it is with us contrary Queens

Queen Marie