let's calculate...



Like most women, here in The Kingdom, we have taken justifying purchases to an almost scientific level.

Almost anything can be justified if you are creative enough in your accounting approach.

Especially if you use  the right calculator, something like this genius retro one above

We personally  favour the "Cost per Wear Theory" which usually manages to make the cost of almost any item seem more reasonable and bearable.

Of course we are also no strangers to the "Fuck It" approach , usually triggered when the object of love is a bit more left field and difficult to explain.

I'm afraid I have had to employ the "Fuck It" approach this very week.

Even I, with many years experience and skill behind me, was struggling to justify spending £15 on a paper clip holder.

Yes, you read that correctly. £15 pounds for paper clips.


Never in all your days did you see a more precious paper clip holder. A little bunny frolicking through a meadow of green paper clips.

Ahhhhhhhhhh.  He will make every day just a little brighter and my heart a little lighter.

He will shine a gentle light onto the stygian gloom of my groaning desk.

Look at him and tell me I shouldn't love him. I'll bet you can't.


I'm certain, that if you can agree with me, that he is an absolute neccesity, then you will understand that it is also essential, that I must  buy his little brother, who has scissors instead of ears

The good Lord bless him and his little cotton socks. He has no ears...

I have to buy him.

Just have to...

He costs £19.95 from here



Queen Marie