separation anxiety...

Queen Michelle and Prince B are heading up to Aberdeen on Friday.

While Michelle is looking forward to a lovely visit with The Duchess , we were taking bets yesterday on how long she will be able to cope without her ipad.

We have agreed that she will be twitching by the time she gets on the train with full blown separation anxiety overwhelming her by Friday night. 

I will feel her pain. I can honestly say I have never loved a gadget as much as my ipad. I adore it. But despite my deep love, so far, I have managed to resist the temptation to dress it up. 

Early on I decided to just take a "little black dress approach' to my iphone and ipad and clad them both in simple functional black leather covers

I knew that any other way would lead to madness.

I have managed to resist all kinds of covers and countless invitations to review them but that was before I came across The Padintosh.

Based on the original Apple Macintosh released in 1984, this is quite simply genius. I t appeals to my inner mac geek on all kind of levels

The Macintosh 128K, released as the "Apple Macintosh", is the original Apple Macintosh personal computer. Its beige case contained a 9 in (23 cm) monitor and came with a keyboard and mouse. A handle in the top of the case made it easier for the computer to be lifted and carried. It had a selling price of US$2,495. The Macintosh was introduced by the now famous $900,000 television commercial by Ridley Scott, "1984", that most notably aired on CBS during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII in Janauary of that year!

 It costs a mere £12.99 and you can find it here 


 Queen Marie