the eyes have it...

Standing behind a young girl and her mother in the garage on Friday night,  I was captivated by her swooping rainbow eye liner. I complimented her on it and remarked that she must have a very steady hand to achieve such a perfect line and colour blend.

She looked at me with a mixture of delight and pity, before explaining to me that she hadn't applied it herself - "it's just my eye rock"


I smiled back at her, aware of the fact I had no sodding idea what that was.

Nothing makes you feel older than realising that there is an ever growing world of products out there, that you were totally unaware even existed! 

So when I got up the road I popped on the old internet and here they are.

Basically it's whole world of stick on eye liners. These look pretty straightforward. Surely even I could use these. I think I'm going to buy some of these and give them a try.

Feel free to remind me that I said that,when I am crying with frustration in the bathroom and have to call my seven year old neice to come and show me how to apply them  properly.


From £6 per packet, you can find them here

Eye Rock eyeliner trends image 2

Queen Marie