All the fun of the fair...

So today is Fair Friday

Which will mean nothing to you if you are not from Glasgow!

Historically, most businesses and factories closed for the last fortnight in July and everyone went away on holiday with their families,  leaving Glasgow almost empty and strangely quiet.

Quiet is not a word you normally associate with Glasgow.

People here like to talk. A lot. They have a love of "colourful" language, which they share with people they like as well as dislike. In fact often the most insulting language is saved for close friends.

These necklaces from My Charm Offensive made me laugh ( although some  of their stuff is a bit too rude for me)

Carried Bradshaw would have a heart attack if she was to see these.

Necklaces £10 each





They had got in touch with us to spread  the word about their "'Fuck Cancer'" necklace saying -  

 Lets raise some funds!!

A customer recently contacted us with a request for a personalised necklace. This lady had recently beaten cancer and wanted a 'F**k Cancer' necklace. We were incredibly touched by her attitude and bravery and as a result have decided to include this necklace in our recent collection. 100% of profits raised from the sale of these necklaces will be donated to Cancer Research UK. 


Find them here.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm away to think about heading "doon the water" 

Queen Marie