on the case...

No computer is as fast as the human brain.*

The speed at which we process information, to help us make sense of our world is staggering. Each and every day we are exposed to thousands of images. Some penetrate and register, while others just seem to pass right on through without us seeming to be aware of them in any way at a  conscious level.

 I saw an image fleetingly several weeks ago which stuck in my head so immediately and  firmly that it has taken me weeks to find out who created it.

This is it...


It turned out to be the work of  Erin Case – a Michigan-based visual artist, who is currently working to obtain a degree in Fine Arts . It forms part of a series of work entitled “Haircut” ,which she made in collaboration Andrew Tamlyn

Erin creates mixed media collages that at once seem old fashioned yet futuristic. In this series she combined hairstyles and silhouette with nature,landscapes and architecture ( look out for the Hoover Dam below!) Working in both analogue and digital methods, there is a feeling of early 20th century surrealism throughout her work.

 You can buy prints of her work here


Queen Marie


*Except mine today which has the processing power of  a Commodore 64