don't eat the fruit...

The standing joke with everyone that knows me well, is that I only eat fruit when I think there's something wrong with me.

Well there jolly well would be something wrong with me (and my poor old teeth) if I, or anyone else for that matter, was to try and eat any of this fruit....




This is lo-res fruit from loglike.

These charming wooden fruit  ornaments, with reclaimed leather leaves are physical representations of low resolution images. How clever is that!

 Started in London in 2005, Loglike now operates from a small studio, in rural North Wales. Many Loglike products are designed & handmade on site. Human-scale production of contemporary green design. 

 Apples, Pear and Lemons £10.50 each



But of course every bundle of fruit needs a fruit bowl and this is the coolest fruit bowl that I have ever set my peepers on.

It is clever, quirky and fun. Although it goes without saying that I would pinch the pencils out of it every time I couldn't find a pen, and within a fortnight it would look like a sad little shadow of it's former glorious self!

 Pencil Tidy Fruit Bowl - NEW Tangerine Edition  £45 

The removable coloured pencils form a basket-like, woven lattice to contain the fruit. This is a new tangerine colourway, produced as a limited edition. The top face is painted with durable, eco-friendly paint. The rest of the base is left as blonde, birch ply. Supplied with 24 colouring pencils. The pencils can be easily used & replaced - they just slot into the holes. Adjustable angles - choose to cross pairs of pencils over, or have them all angled the same way.


Queen Marie