too sweet to eat...

Drinking tea, muching on malteesers while popping some pins on pinterest, I kept coming across an image that looked like a necklace made of malteesers. Yum yum yum.


Now, as I can hardly walk from the kitchen to the couch, without them melting in my hot little hand, this seemd a tad implausible.

But no , some digging around and it seems that the edible chocolate jewellery is not just a dream... 

Picture 12

As well as her more regular gemstone designs, Jewelry designer Wendy Mahr has created a small collection of real edible jewelry !

Genuine chocolate covered malted milk balls are decorated with real edible gold leaf and turned into a ring, a pair of earrings and three different necklaces. 

These pieces are paired with non-edible findings such as wire, cord and chain. Once the you have eaten them ( or they have melted) if you want to reuse/recycle what's left after the chocolate’s gone, you can send it back and for prices from $25-$45 (depending upon the piece) +shipping and they'll replace the chocolate with pearls, or other available stones for you.

This is not a belated April fool. Wendy says that if you are careful you will be able to wear the edible goodies many times.

So jewels that look good, smell good and taste good. There's not too many pieces you can say that about.

If you are tempted or are feeling a tad peckish you can find them all here.

  You can find them on her own site or on her etsy store

Edible Chocolate Jewelry Hero IIHIH
Chocolate and gold leaf earrings IIHHIH

Chocolate and gold leaf ball on chain necklace IIHIH

  Il_570xN.47823378Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to mke  cup of tea and take a bit of my bracelet...

Queen Marie