who, wear, when...

 If I get one more email with "Festival" in the header or telling me what someone was wearing at Glastonbury, I will scream. Quite literally scream The Kingdom down.

These emails are endless, utterly endless. It's pretty safe to say though, that Hunters must be having a record year, profit wise.

So being a contrary creature, I have been looking at dresses that are the exact opposite to something you would wear to a festival.

Lace is everywhere this year. 

Louche lace not so much.

So naturally I thought of Three Floor Fashion

Picture 7

I would never wer anything like this in a million years, yet I just love these.

I have no idea why. I just do.

There is a always a little elelemt of bad taste Barbarella about some of their garments. And when it comes to bad taste I'm with Diana Vreeland all the way -

“A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste—it’s hearty, it’s healthy, it’s physical. I think we could use more of it. No taste is what I’m against.”

 Their price points makes me think, they regard theselves more as Haute Street rather than Hight Street with their laidback luxe.

I don't know if their quality matches up to the pricing but looking at the detail shots on these garments the quality looks pretty damm goood.

Picture 5
Picture 3

Picture 11
Picture 9

Queen Marie