a cut above...

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Jess from Paperself sent over some lashes from their new collection for Queen Michelle and I to try.

 I'm a big fan of false eylashes and always have some in the cupboard, so I was keen to give these extravagant things a try. 

Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, these are eyelashes that "blend  elements of traditional culture with contemporary design". They are unbelievabley intricate and delicate looking but very easy to handle. They are designed to be worn either as a full set or else cut into small pieces for the corner of the eyes...


I was delighted to see that I had the "Antique Jewellery" ones. Right up my street!

The lashes feature decorative elements of tiara, pearls, and mosaic shapes, designed to take you back in time to a more opulent romantic era filled with glamour and charm...


But I have to tell you, the sight of me trying to affix these lashes, was about as far removed from glamour as you can possibly get!

Queen Michelle normally pops my lashes on for me, but I foolishly decided to attempt them myself.

Mistake. Big Mistake.

To be totally frank, I made a total roaring arse of it and nearly blinded myself with too much glue.

By myself, not only was it almost impossible to put the lashes on, but also to take a decent shot of them!


I'll be popping down to see Queen Michelle later in the week and hopefully she will bring you a masterclass in how to use them properly, rather than a big gluey gooey mess.


Queen Marie