Get To The Point

I've wanted gorgeous stiletto nails for the longest time, but days spent on a keyboard designing and nights spent wrestling to get pointe shoes on and ballet tights off, makes those bad boys an impossibility for me.

However there is an alternative. Marginally less silly and impractical, nail rings can give me the pointed effect I want, but the option to take them off. I've been quite taken by nail rings for a few years now. The obsession comes and goes and it creeping its head back up again.

When I want to try something out, I always head to Etsy. there is usually someone who's creating the thing you want and when it comes to nail rings, there are lots tpo choose from. You can spend as little at £3 if you so desire.

Having had a look around, the ones I really love are by JekyllHydeJewelry, under the dubious banner of 'steampunk'. These are somewhat more involved than simply covering the nail. Some also have a ring part, which attached to the nail ring with a chain, so should the nail ring for off, you won't lose it.

Ok, there are lots of things you shouldn't do with these on, namely; scratch your eyes, wipe your bottom, pull up tights, pet the heads of small children or work with balloons or any other inflatable objects. All of those things will end in tears, mark my words.

Queen Michelle