An Instant In Time

For my 40th birdthday, the lovely Eva, owner and founder of Bengt Fashion, gifted me a beautiful Neomi Klein ribcage ring, which many of you will have seen on my Instagram. Rings are usually much too large for my skinny fingers, but the ribcage ring is almost resizable as some of the ribs can be closed a little tighter. You're not meant to do that with it but for the skinny of finger it can stop the ring falling off.

Neomi is originally from the West German countryside and began her work as a jeweller in  East London in the early 2000's. Somewhat oddly, her first foray into designing and working with metal was after being given a cast off piece of machinery by her father, a dentist.

Neomi's entire body of work from beginning to present is split into Epoch's, rather than seasons. The visual dialogue of each Epoch resonates with the last, with very organic, natural looking forms being integral to Neomi's work - theme which she carries through seamlessly.

Noemi Klein lifestyle image at 5
Noemi Klein lifestyle image at 4
Noemi Klein lifestyle image at 3
Noemi Klein lifestyle image at 6

Whilst, generally speaking, I'm not keen on collections being presented in entirely film form, Neomi's video for Epoch 4 is very intriguing none the less.

[vimeo w=800&h=300]

I'm really curious about the ear cuffs in the above images in particular. 

Queen Michelle