from snurk to murk...

If there is anything guaranteed to get me out from under the snurk, it would be some murk!


As dj's, Jonnie , Barrie Watson and Telford couldn't be more different but what links them and me,  is a deep love and appreciation for some murk.


Together, Oscar Gaetan and long-time friend and production partner Ralph Falcon form MURK, one of the most celebrated and accomplished production outfits ever to grace house music.

Oscar himself said -  "House music, in the right environment, can touch the soul.” and for me that is what exactly what murk does. It makes me happy and want to dance the night away.

“Some of my greatest memories of nights out involve Murk records. The sort of tunes that you lose yourself in, then when you lift your head, you look at you pal and you both mouth the words, ‘What the fuck is this?!!!’” Rocky (X-Press)

If you're not familiar with them, then I have the perfect introduction for you!

Last year saw the release of  this House Masters -20 of their best-loved tracks and remixes (unmixed) in an unparalleled collection of some of the most enduring and evocative house records ever created...

Defected-presents-House-Masters-Murk-1400-x-1400 The compilation really shines is in its presentation of some of the duo's less critically fetishized, but nonetheless classic and popular, material.

These tracks make up the majority of the comp and include things like Murk's remix of Willie Ninja's "Hot," Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space's  anthem "High Up," and the  gospel house of Bobby Pruit's "Tried So Hard." As such, House Masters: Murk is a great introduction to both the well-known and less-known highs of the past 20 years of underground dance music. 

Go buy it now...

Queen Marie