snuggle down with snurk...

I have a duvet cover problem. 

It is quite severe. My mother is entirely to blame. 

When I was younger I mocked her affliction. Her inability to pass them in stores, the endless parade of them through her bedroom. But of course, as time passed, I too was smitten with the sickness.

Now, if anything,  it is even more severe than that of my mothers.

I. just. can't. help. myself...

Most of them are floral or striped or a combination of both. Designers Guild is my poison of choice but I will score anywhere and everywhere. I would need a house with a hundred beds to ever use them all.

Yet here I am about to attempt to lure you with some Snurk, trying to tempt you and your children too!

I should be ashamed of myself.

“Snurk” is Dutch for “snoring” and it is also the name of a wonderful Dutch bedding company.

Look happy Erik and Peggy from Snurk are. 

With their wonderful range of bedding and cushions they are purveyors of "horizontal happiness"...

"Our designs start out as ideas in Holland. Sometimes sketched out poorly, sometimes not even that. But with the helping hands of our talented friends, our ideas turn into photographic designs. Then they get sent off to Portugal, where again we rely on hard working helping hands to get them produced. It can sometimes take months to get a design to where we want it to be. So for us it only makes sense that after all that time, care and effort, we print it on the best cotton and velour available. A great design deserves great fabric. And that’s pretty much how we create our bedding and cushions, made for your horizontal happiness. Enjoy."


Ollie the Cat, Bob the dog and some darling little lambs

Single Duvet 59.95 Euros  Double Duvet 109.95 Euros

Ollie detail
Bob detail
100% en wool detail
 As always, it's the kids that have the most fun.

Who wouldn't want to climb into bed at night and be a Princess or an Astronaut.

I know I would. I'd like to be both...



Topshot princess 15001500

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for bed already!!!!

Queen Marie