Right On Riyka

I go through fashion phases. I can be in a grip of a phase for weeks or even years. I can visit a phase once and then never again, or it can re-occurring, popping up it's head when I least expect it.

When I'm in grip of a phase, that's pretty much all I will buy solidly until is passes. Currently, that phase is white. I'm struggling to look at anything else just now, but I think all you readers might not appreciate entirely white blog posts from me for the next 3 months! So I'm forcing myself to look at and write about other things. Things that are not white.

When I received the lookbook for brand Riyka, I must say I was almost tempted right out my white phase. I know nothing at all about the label, other than it's based in London and is run by a charming husband and wife team. The clothes are simple at their core with no ostentatious decorations or unneccassary frou. It's like a younger, cooler A.P.C.

AW1314_RIYKA 1

AW1314_RIYKA 4

AW1314_RIYKA 9

AW1314_RIYKA 8
AW1314_RIYKA 10

But even more exciting is that everything is amazingly reasonably priced with prices ranging from £50 - £200. It's not high-street cheap, but looking at the images I can make a safe bet that everything is beautifully made and the shapes so timeless, you'd have them in your closet for years to come.

If anything is going to bring me out of my white phase, it might just be this.

Queen Michelle