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Money can't buy you love.

It also can't buy you coverage on the Kingdom of Style!

One of the most common questions we are always asked about the blog, is why we dont carry advertising and why we reamin so fiercely independent?

Our answer and our approach to content is simple ,straightforward and unwavering these last seven years - if we love it, we'll post it.

One day we could be sharing something from a worldwide advertsing campaign, then two days later bracelets made by a young mother inspired by her 4 year old son's lollypop lady!

Bracelets like these silver and waxed neon cords from the lovely Zed Kay from Manchester...


This cheerful bracelet collection is one of Zed’s experiments and is named after Joanne, a delightful school patrol officer that makes up for those cloudy mornings with her bright smile. The neon colours of the bracelets resemble Joanne’s bright fluorescent overcoat. 

I absolutely love how they have been photgraphed on the tarmac...

The eye catching colours are meant to act as a reminder to smile and let go helping one throughout the day. Something we all need a little help remembering!

Zed is a postgraduate science and business student who has decided to nourish her ever existing passion for design and creation. Her creativity is nurtured by her knowledge, experience and mostly emotions. She describes herself as an explorer rather than a designer, continually experimenting with material and techniques 

 The high quality sterling silver pieces (originally pendants) have been handpicked from Dubai and have been converted to beautiful focal points for the bracelets.

For details of how to bring a little sunshine into your life with one of these charming bracelets,

just contact -  info@zed-kay.com 


Now if you will excuse me, with all this talk of lollipops, I have to go to the sweetie shop...

Queen Marie