where foxes and tigers swim free...


It seems slightly surreal to be showing you swimwear when there are hailstones bouncing outside my window...

We might not be familiar with sunshine in The Kingdom but we are familiar with the wonderful we are handsome, having shared their work many times.

This season sees them introduces new flirty shapes and styles with the Gather One Piece, Halter One Piece, Gather Bikini and the very aptly named New String Bikini!  

The prints are an expedition to the Fairground, the Antarctic, African planes and the woodlands - where foxes are friendly and free. The signature animal print is a mystical white tiger and this season’s floral print brings to life the fragrance of flowers.

This is swimwear to make you feel like a supermodel...

Where do you source your iconic prints and remain unique to the graphic aesthetic? -Through creating our own imagery. All prints are created and designed by our team. You will never see them anywhere else. This allows us to put our emotion and spirit in each one.

 Who has been your favorite celebrity to collaborate with? - It was amazing to work with Rihanna. She had a specific vision in mind and with that, the Bob Marley custom suit was born. It was very inspiring to see her sporting it on the beaches of Barbados.

 What are some of your favorite summer trends? -Being able to wear swimwear as clothing. It makes packing for a Summer holiday that much easier. 

 When you're not designing swimwear, what do you like to do in your spare time? -We both enjoy spending time with our other halves and are keen animal lovers (both of us have dogs) so we’re generally outside making the most of this time. A great glass of wine doesn’t go astray either and there are plenty of local restaurants which we love to frequent.

 What can we expect from the next collection? -We can't disclose too many details, as we like to surprise! But with our next range for summer expect to see a few new silhouettes and lots of pop color


Queen Marie