I was recently followed on Twitter by a label based in Portland, Oregon, called Wildfang. I'd never heard of them before but really liked the name so I checked out the site. I was very pleasantly suprised. They describe their wears as being "tomboy style" and I definitely agree with that sentiment.

It's the basics most of us have come to know and love, such as the perfect white tee, the slouchy plaid shirt and tight black jeans - wardrobe straples which many of us are always hunting for. Beyond that though, they have more directional pieces such as beautiful leather track pants and the perfect black harem trousers.







I also really like their charming story of who they met and began their label.

"This is a story of two girls. And though they were born on opposite sides of the Atlantic, their childhoods were not so very opposite. Like many girls, they were tomboys—they built forts, scraped their knees, chased boys and were chased back. But like all girls, it wasn’t long before they grew up, and grew their own senses of adventure. As fate would have it, they both headed west.

This is a story of two friends. They found each other in Portland, Oregon, and it was there that they also found themselves—Irish, in her blazers and stilettos, and Fox, in her button-downs and sneakers. A friendship formed, swift and strong—they brought out the best in each other. They collected tattoos, ticket stubs, and vintage clothing, but one thing remained out of their grasp.

This is a story of two business partners. With little more than the money in their pockets and the shirts on their backs, they set out to find what was missing: all the best men’s styles, but for women—an answer to the prayers of tomboys everywhere. And so they quit their day jobs and resolved to pursue one of fashion’s holiest grails. They would liberate menswear, and they would do it one bowtie at a time."

A tomboy is something which I am at heart and can completly relate to. Skateboarding, DJing - things I've enjoyed doing in my younger years, normally the domain of the boys...and the tomboy. Perhaps not so much tomboy in the physical sense any more, but certainly still in my outlook. 

So on several levels the label appeals to me.