light the way...

Perfect days are rare.

Perhaps that's what makes them so memorable and treasured.

Queen Michelle had one on Friday. 

It was if all the forces in the universe came together to make sure she had  the  most perfect birthday. Even the weather was in on the fun, with blue skies and sunshine all the way.

There was also lots of crying, Queen Michelle and I cried, had some cake, opened presents and then cried some more. Prince B just shook his head, laughed at us and kept the tea coming.Even later that night, when I shared with Grande Empress GIllian what a lovely day she had had, we ended up crying in the car park.

It feels sligtly surreal that she is 40. How did that she get to be that age already!  I didn't celebrate mine, I think I just wanted to pretend it wasn't happening.

Where oh where does the time go?

I spent the rest  weekend feeling old and and also very cold. It will be officially summer before it even starts to feel like Spring here in The Kingdom. I've still to get my toes out and in the house I'm still schlepping around in sheepskin boots

So today like the old lady I am, I'm talking about slippers.

No really I am!


Gorgeous ballerina slippers, with a large bow on the front. These luxurious slippers have a velvet outer shell and crushed faux fur inner lining. How could things not feel better with these on your feet?

 Pretty Pink Velvet Slippers  £29.50


Then I found these, which made me laugh!

LED slippers. Slippers with little lights that shine brightly, lighting the way for you in the night.

Hideous but genius!

Automatic On/Off; Built-in weight and light sensor; Powerful LED lights; Lights items up to 25 feet away; High quality fleece; Comfortable non-slip soles. 


Tomorrow while Queen Michelle shares another inspirational outfit post, I will be reviewing stairlifts!

Queen Marie