White Out

I'm in the grip of a white obsession.

I've never really worn white much beyond a t-shirt but for some unknown reason, this season I decided I wanted to try it. I suppose it's minimalism I'm really exploring and white seems like the most effective colour to work with this.

It's taken me a while to really formulate in my head what minimalism means to me. Simplicity, such as black jeans and a white t-shirt for example, doesn't represent minimalism to me and simplicity is actually an entirely different thing. For me, the minimalist lexicon is more involved than the simple mantra of 'less is more'.

The minimalism I wish to explore is far from simple, with potentially many garments being involved in one outfit or a myriad of textures and silhouettes happening at a single time. I also realised that for me to be happy with minimalism it would require only specific styles of shoes. I have been hawking lots of white related Pinterest boards and my own Fashion Inspiration board has turned dramatically white of late, and what I realised from the things I've been most drawn to is that masculine or even quite ugly shoes are required. Pretty white heels, for example, are an absolute no-no.





My Miista brogues, though none are white, are the perfect masculine shape to compliment this new exploration but I also am strongly drawn to ugly, almost nurse-like, clunky white sandals.

I scooped up this magnificent white sandals from Vagabond. Oh my, these are so ugly they are beautiful! I tried to get these when I was in London as I was sure there was a Vagabond store in Covent Garden, but I think it must have closed down as we couldn't find it. Thankfully they got restocked in the online shop though.


My age dictates I should probably never entertain wearing white ankle socks and sandals, but let me tell you that is going to happen. Hell, I may even wear them with black socks! 

I still haven't gathered up that many white pieces yet but I'm working on it, slowly but surely, and hopefully when Scotland gets its one day of summer weather, I'll be ready!

Queen Michelle