pixel perfect...

I don't imagine for a minute that I'm alone in hating getting my picture taken.

I feel akward and uncomfortable and that's before I even see the finished shot!

We are so used to  seeing the mirror image of ourselves, that we  come to regard that as the 'real us'. We also have a tendancy to focus just on the elements of ourselves that we are happier with. It could be our legs, our hair, even our noses.With me, I tend to just focus on my fringe and red lips.

Oddly over the years I have increasingly realised that if I was to reduce any image of myself just to a few pixels, I would still be able to recognize it as me...


Picture 26

Although credit for that realisation is due in no small part  to this drawing that ACGD did a few years ago. By reducing me to just a few elements, he managed to create an image that I find much easier to deal with than a warts and all photograph.

  Marie Face Sillouette Red

But that reductionism comes at a cost too!

Instead of manning up and just accepting the results, no matter how unapplealing I find them, I realise that I have created a caricature cartoon version of myself in my head.

That's why I laughed so hard when I came across these wonderful retro rag dolls by the very talented  Jane Foster's in her etsy shop.  It struck me that if I was a dolly, I would look just like this!!!!

 Handmade retro Tilda rag doll £42.39


She also comes a wonderful rag doll kit.

Scandi style screen printed retro 'Tilda' rag doll kit £21.53 


Give's a whole new meaning to the expression dollface...

Queen Marie