skip back in time...

Every morning as I drive to work, the children in my street street are making their way to school.

One little girl in particular always makes me smile  Hail, rain or shine, she skips happily up the street , while her older brother walks behind her grumpily all the way. Sometimes she stops and starts to skip in a circle around him, which only makes him scowl even more.

But the thing that makes me smile most of all, are  the little shoes she wears.

I wore a pair just like them when I was small. I remember polishing them every week to go to The Brownies and even though they were dark brown, I thought they were the prettiest best shoes in the whole world.

Perhaps that why I love the handmade leather shoes of Seek and Seed so much.

Their etsy shop is filled with vintage style shoes that make me want to skip back in time. These brown ones are exactly like mine were and  I am seriously tempted to get a pair...

 Brown Vintage Handmade Handcrafted High Heels Leather T-strap £105.00





 Wedding White Vintage High Heels Loafers £125.29


 For birthday parties, these would be just perfect...

 Red Green  Vintage Leather T-strap Heels Flat   £92.13


 They also sell a wonderful range of Oxfords (or Wing Tips as they call them) which would be right up Queen Michelle's street

 Pink White Vintage  Leather Wing tips £105.39


The only problem, is that being handmade they take around 4 -6 weeks to get to you once you order the,

But you know what they say - good things come to those who wait...

Queen Marie