Master of the Hexagon

Say hello to Fran Asensio.

The Master of the Hexagon...

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This graphic master of super minimalist and playful artwork comes from Madrid and goes by the name of Hexagonall

"I chose the name Hexagonall because I discovered that the most perfect and functional geometric form is the hexagon. The bees build their cells in a circular shape and later, the pressure between them is what it triggers this transformation into hexagons. It seemed amazing to me how bees perfectly use this way of storage."

He has been working on interactive media since he was 19 years old. Now 36, the intervening years have seen him experimenting with video, motion graphics and flash animation. 

I love all his work but my favourite has to be his Film Series

 Which is your favorite movie in that series and how difficult was it for you to  decide  on the one single image you used for each piece?

"My favorite poster is Gone With the Wind. It’s super fun to think that the most remembered scene in the whole movie is when Mami is adjusting the corset to Scarlett.

My favorite movies are all! But if I had to choose one, Escape from New York would be the one. Snake Plisken’s character has fascinated me. John Carpenter’s movies are my favorites as well. I think it wasn’t very difficult to me to choose the representative element for each movie, because I have watch them many times and I knew by heart what I liked the most from each one...


  If you love Wes Anderson movies then you will be blown away by his Anderson Alphabet poster...

Wes Anderson Alphabet Hero

 Now if you will excuse me, I'm away to dig out my copy of This Life Aquatic.

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