A little greenery goes a long way...

 I never fail to appreciate the view from the studio window.

I'm able to look out  every day and see the seasons change and watch all the little (and not so little) birds hop around ...


But I know that some people are not so lucky,which is why I wish I could send everyone a Postcarden and give them the little gift of greenery for their desk

Postcardens are made by Another Studio for Design, an independent London based company who are enthusiastic about creating charming products that respond to you and your environment. They like to think of them as ‘gifts for thoughtful givers’. They're excited and inspired by all sorts but have a particular interest in architecture, city living, ephemera, keepsakes, geometry, botany, origami…..and anything miniature! 

 Available in 3 great styles you can escape to your allotment, experience the grandeur of the Victorian botanical garden or create your very own "green" city, all without ever leaving your desk or donning your wellies! PostCardens will brighten up any desktop, windowsill or sideboard all year round!

Simply open and shape into the design, place on a flat surface, add your seeds and add water.

Then all you have to do is sit back and wait a few days before wonderful little green shoots will start to show!

Watch the video of it opening and unfolding here

Allotment £7.50 from here


There is a whole rnge of gardens to choose from.

I also love the city and Botancial ones

Experience the grandeur of the Victorian botanical garden in the palm of your hand. Raise your own specimen of ‘Lepidium sativum’ under the ornate arches of your miniature plant house - within a week you can invite your friends and rivals to wonder at the magnificent flora you have cultivated.

Watch a timelapse animation of the planthouse growing here.


Now you can get in touch with nature without having to get out of your chair...

Queen Marie