Bell, Book And Candle

Bell, book and candle,
Candle, book, bell,
Forwards and backwards
To damn me to Hell.

- Sabbat, A Cautionary Tale

Candles. A favourite item mentioned in lyrics and used on albums covers of Death Metal bands the world over.

Within the realms of homewares, candles are elicit Marmite-like responses. Queen Marie hates them but I am partial to them (it's that Death Metal influence again). In my Imagery Home, I have beautiful, understated candle holders created by Scandinavian design group, KiBiSi.

KiBiSi has worked across a vast range of disciplines, designing and creating everything from furniture and household objects, to bicycles and aircraft.

KiBiSi "merges the faculties of its founding partners into a symbiotic hybrid of design, architecture and ideation: Production know-how and design sensibility, big ideas and holistic perspective and the idea driven innovation".

'Weight Here' is a family of candleholders which they describe as having "distinct historic references to the iconic typology of chamber candlesticks and candelabras".



Stark and beautifully understated, these candleholders reinvent what we've come to expect from the traditional candlestick appearance and dimensions.

Weight Here comes in four versions: S and M for ordinary candles and L & XL for block candles. The cast iron parts "acknowledge historic artisanal techniques and the Polystone references KiBiSi’s link to modern architecture". The fusion of modernity and history I feel is beautifully represented in these simple candleholders. 

Queen Michelle