Crowning Glory

I have featured the work of accessories designer Sophie McElligott on here before but I must show you her latest collection of wonderful headpieces and hairbands.

Naturally, we are fond of crowns here in the Kingdom and I'd love to try one of Sophie's pieces. I have had so much wear from my Le Tour De Force headpieces over the years as there is always a moment when bigger is better. Well, actually, bigger is usually better when it comes accessories.

Floral crowns are having another moment in the streetstyle limelight, having had one a few years ago. The basic floral crown is fine and well, but I feel that after a while one needs to graduate to something a bit more daring and Sophie's work has daring in large doses - as well as humour and charm.






Sophie_mcelligott_headbands_marie_3 (1)




This is perhaps my favourite one - glittery stars.


Being a Queen and all, I'd have a more standard crown for quiet days.


Queen Marie might appreciate this sea themed crown complete with Narwhal horn and pearls.


I love that each piece looks like it contains a myriad of random, found objects all carefully blended together into an explosion of colour and texture upon your head.

Modern crowns for moderns Queens everywhere.

Queen Michelle