Wall of sound...

If you love music, there is no sight more thrilling than a Marshall Stack.

A veritable wall of promised sound that makes you smile the minute you see it...


 September 2012 saw the 50th anniversary of the first amplifier Jim Marshall (The Father of Loud) built – a design reckoned to be so perfect, and so loud, that it has remained fundamentally unaltered ever since. 

Like Jeff Beck once said- "If you want to get a little bit rude and loud, you've got to have a Marshall. The Marshall sound is the balls. It's the big daddy – it has that growl that no other amp has."

Now they are pushing the boundries of personal and individual sound with the introduction of Marshall Headphones.

The Monitor embodies the power that is Marshall with Hi-Fi prowess and monster sound...

The monitor is embossed with a white script logo and black vinyl leather, harking back to the original 60's Marshall amps. The Monitor has heavy-duty cast metal hinges, brass accents and completely detachable double-ended coil cord with mic and remote make it completely roadworthy. The extra 3.5mm socket allows music sharing.

Happiness for the inside your head will cost you £180.00 from here

That might seem a little costly but let's be honest you will have these forever and ever and ever...





Monitor-press-release 2

Now you too can be rock n roll every day (even on the bus!)

Queen Marie