Think Of Ink

Nothing divides people quite like tattoos. You either love them or hate them. And there is even division among people who have tattoos - those with lots of ink often don't wish to be lumped in with those who only have one, tiny little bit of ink; those who love tribal ink and those who despise it - the list is endless.

Obviously I love tattoos but strangely only in very specific areas. I would never tattoo the upper side of my arms, only the underside. I just feel I have the wrong arms for tattoos on the upper side. I also only like black artwork and would never have colour.

When it comes to getting our bodies permanently inked, we all have personal preferences as different as it's possible to get.

I like to add to existing tattoos little by little over time and am currently working on a connecting design to link to existing tattoos to create a big one, of sorts. When it came to thinking about how to do this, I was massively inspired by artist Valentin Hirsch, who creates possibly my most favourite tattoo style I've come across so far. I have a tattoo Pinterest board filled with his work (I thought Valentin was a girl!). 

The reason I am so drawn to his work is that he takes seemingly disparate images and styles and joins them into one - geometric black lines combined with handrawn animals and birds. He is also a graphic designer, which is perhaps why his style is so appealing to me as his pieces could so easily translate onto paper too.

This is perhaps one of my favourite of his designs. I adore the medieval style hand and it's this which has inspired my next tattoo, which I hope to have by the end of the year.


How do you feel about tattoos? Do you have them, do you hate them, are you addicted to them?

Queen Michelle