Good Claws

Claws, snakes, skulls, bones, crystals and leather. All the good things in jewellery. I will never get tired of these things adorning my body, usually my fingers. A little silver claw wrapping itself around my ring finger is simply delightful. A big, lovely nugget of raw quartz sitting atop a base of oxidised silver will always be a pleasurable experience for my index finger. Yes, happy fingers are fingers which are crowded with claws and thorns and juicy stones.

For me personally, the gold standard for such things has to be BloodMilk but I am yet to commit to making a purchase, especially when the customs are added to the final cost. I will, one day, take the plunge, but I just need to wait until I have a spare £200 lying around for a ring.

Whilst I was doing my usual Etsy rounds, I came across the work of Eilisain. Quite similar in style to Bloodmilk but a little more shiny, a little less dark, for lack of a better word, and some pieces are decidedly delicate in nature.

In terms of price, Eilisain is similar to BloodMilk, perhaps a little more expensive for some pieces, so I won't be purchasing from here any time soon, but I sure like to gawp aimlessly and imagine a world where I win the lottery...



I really love that she uses a variety of different stones and crystals in her work, some of which are absolutely beautiful.







My heart may still belong to BloodMilk, but Eilisain could be my mistress...

Queen Michelle