Meet Mirta

Mirta was founded in 2010 by architect Andrea Simic and is based in Zagreb, Croatia. I've been stalking this small label for some time, with pieces peppered throughout my Pinterest.

It's entirely unsurprising that the designer was/is an architect because there is a massive degree of spatial and structural consideration applied to each piece in every collection, especially the rings and how they sit and interact with the wearer's finger, and the negative space created around it. Nothing is left to chance here. 

With an intention to sartorially explore minimalism this summer, extending that to the jewellery I wear would make sense and Mirta pieces are quitely understated yet massively confident - which for me represents the minimalist lexicon more effectively than mere simplicity.

But what makes this little label even more desirable is that everything is remarkably affordable, with rings costing as little as $35.

This is my favourite piece from the site. The stone is breathtaking.


This is also stunning and only costs $77 for the set of 3.

1 (2)

But really, I couldn't stop picking things because all of it so beautiful.





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In part I love it because I am very delicate of hand and I think these rings would flatter immensely a slender finger such as mine. I don't wear necklaces often any more, but if I did I truly wouldn't mind having this rest again my necklace bone, as my ballet teacher so delightfully calls it.


Queen Michelle